Joe Manale


Created by my father and I, Manale Images has been a long time in the making. A dream and a plan and it finally came to fruition for us FL natives. We both shared an artistic passion from an early age.
For my dad, Joseph, he was already playing piano at age six and his love for music has continued to grow over the years. He even dabbled in photography and 8mm home movies in his earlier days. He is a self taught artist and his desire to draw and paint started when he was 15.


Having an open mind to many themes, my dad’s exceptional talent has led him to painting cityscapes, landscapes, nudes, abstracts, religious images and charcoal drawings. His signature trademarks are the large, striking eyes on people and with many of his paintings, the multi color shape combinations to create the image, somewhat of a melting look. Undoubtedly, his paintings are unique.
With a majority of his art expressed out of passion, his work has also been utilized in the medical field where his illustrations for heart surgeons and heart patient books showed detailed drawings of surgical procedures and information.




Today, he continues to paint with his never ending creative ideas.   ~Lisa Manale


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