Lisa Manale


Lisa Manale

I remember always having a camera and wanting to take pictures of everything. I was about 8 or 9 when I had my first camera, a Kodak 126! Yes, with the flashcubes! Then  the 110’s came next for awhile then different models of 35mm where you had to wind the film manually. In high school, I took photography and we made a camera out of black construction paper. It was a box with a piece of photo paper inside and a pinhole in the front with a lid. I took a picture with this thing and it worked!



Then we developed our pictures in the photo lab. Learning the concept and process in this way had me hooked even more than before. My photography over the years has always been a hobby and sometimes I just like to capture memories on film. Either way there is some kind of an emotional connection in this popular field. At least for most photographers and artists, in my opinion. Everyone I know will tell you, I almost always have a camera with me. I will photograph almost anything and love a wide variety of themes.



When digital cameras came around, I was partial to film and wasn’t sure if I would like the change but I realized that digital gave you so many options and many positive points about it BUT, some days, I do miss film, just the whole concept of taking a picture, the process and the rawness of the photo itself. Like my father, I too love music and I worked in the music industry for fifteen years. After graduating from Film & Video school, the combinations of these three passions have led me on the path I’m on today.
My dream job would be a photojournalist where I could travel the world and experience it with life-learning images.







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